Garden Restoration

Garden Restoration Services in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding areas
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Restoring after a building project

Any building work on your home can have a devastating effect on your garden and it can be difficult knowing where to start. Richard and his team can help nurture your garden back to health, advise on planting schemes, care for borders and treat tired lawns

We work with a number of local architects, on completion of large building projects, to help re-design the garden if required. If this is something you wish to look into, please have a look at Richard’s Landscape Design website and get in touch.

Restoring after neglect

If you have recently acquired a garden and it needs some care and attention, Key Gardencare can help restore your garden to its former glory.

Key Gardencare is headed up by Richard Key, who is a fellow of the  Society of Garden Designers and an award-winning garden designer. His in-depth horticultural knowledge and design skills provide an extra layer of expertise. Passionate about gardens, Richard is available to discuss how to restore your outside space and get the most from your garden

Sympathetic Restoration

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Key Gardencare can help with all aspects of restoration

Gardens work best when they work with the architecture that surrounds them. Victorian country gardens with original brick paving, scented lavender bushes and wisteria covered walls. Georgian gardens that reflect the classic elegance of Georgian architecture. Contemporary gardens that are an extension of the inside space, with modern water features and areas for recreation and entertaining. Whatever your style of home there’s a garden scheme that will work in perfect harmony with it.

If you would like to talk to Richard about your options please get in touch.

Richard is a Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers, and an award-winning garden designer. His in-depth horticultural knowledge provides an extra layer of expertise. Passionate about gardens, Richard has many years’ experience with garden restoration

It can take a lot of skill to restore a derelict or neglected garden to its former glory.  Richard Key has the skill, knowledge and training to provide a full restoration service for your garden, estate or grounds.  Based in Buckinghamshire, Richard works alongside groundsmen, gardening crews and estate managers to recreate period gardens and lost garden features.  At the other end of the scale, Richard can provide a consultation and garden restoration service for those wishing to restore their garden after building work or development.  Contact us for more information